Latvia SIG Construction Site

Daugavpils Kraziai Rezekne

Help us design and build memorials to the Shtetls of Dvinsk (now Daugavpils, Latvia) and/or Rezhitza (now Rezekne, Latvia)

We need stories, photos, biographies, family stories, stories of your personal visit, and so forth. Visit some of the other Shtetl Link pages to get an idea.

This construction site is under the direction of Barry Shay, the current president of LatviaSIG. However, it is not an authorized site that is a part of JewishGen. When construction is complete we will seek JewishGen authorization and hosting. The webmaster for this site is Dave Howard who can be reached at

Click on town logo to go to Daugavpils site.

Click on picture to go to Rezekne site.